Product Development

Over the years, John Doulgeridis and Carlisle Homes have been constantly evolving as they strive to exceed their customers’ expectations. New architectural and design trends continue to emerge in Victoria, and Carlisle Homes always stays one step ahead of the curve when it comes to these developments. In addition John Doulgeridis has been working hard to make sure the functionality of his homes is always up to par implementing new technology and materials to meet his customers’ needs.

This adaptable and innovative philosophy has helped Carlisle Homes reach considerable levels of achievement throughout the years. This success is clear when you consider the fact that Carlisle has won an impressive number of awards, including the HIA Professional Major Builder Award three times. The company has also been singled out for praise due to its high level of excellence in areas like kitchen design and customer service. In 2020, Carlisle won awards for the Best Display Home at HIA Victorian Housing Awards. The company has won a number of additional honours and accolades that are almost too numerous to list.

Above all else, John Doulgeridis takes the specific needs and priorities of his customers into account when approaching the product development process. For example, Carlisle Homes caters specifically to first-time home buyers and young families with certain home designs. The Regatta 19 and the Carinya 16 feature innovative designs that maximise space for 21-meter block depths. In addition, these homes feature Hebel-rendered facades for maximum energy efficiency, helping these new home-buyers achieve a cost-effective, energy-saving home. These two options comply with the Small Lot Housing Codes, minimising the need for additional planning permits. This also helps lower initial costs for these young families.

John also likes to stay up-to-date on the latest trends taking Victoria by storm. For example, Carlisle Homes provides its clients with modern design ideas when they plan out their outdoor spaces. These include seamless finishes, outdoor firepits, multi-purpose spaces, biophilic design, and layered lighting schemes. Carlisle display homes also inspire its clients how to plan specially-designed outdoor cooking spaces that follow the newest trends, such as outdoor pizza ovens and plenty of space for the barbecue.

Flooring is one of the most important decisions for anyone building a home, and John Doulgeridis has worked very hard to provide a wide range of options for customers while approaching this vital aspect of product development. Customers can choose between ceramic or porcelain tiles, polypropylene, polyester, nylon or wool blend carpets, premium carpet underlays, and laminate or engineered timber, in all.
in all Carlisle Homes properties, so customers are guaranteed a hard-wearing, convenient, and stylish option right out of the gates. If customers decide to go for engineered timber, they can choose between a wide range of stylish options. Along with pale, dark, and mid-tones, clients can also opt for one of five different herringbone patterns when choosing engineered floors.

John Doulgeridis has been obsessed with architecture since his days as a student of Design and Planning at the University of Melbourne and this passion hasn’t waned since. During his decades in Victoria’s building industry, John has had the chance to explore a walkthrough style is important when creating a home John also understands that functionality is just as crucial. When customers plan out their homes they have the ability to make their new living space very efficient with thermal insulation. Modern builders like Carlisle Homes understand the importance of solid insulation especially when you consider how costly heat loss can be in the colder months. This type of modern insulation can also keep homes cool in the warmer season.

Every Carlisle Homes customer gets access to high-quality insulation provided by CSR Bradford, a trusted name in the insulation world. This means that every home built by Carlisle Homes achieves a six-star energy rating. If that’s not enough, John gives his customers the ability to upgrade their insulation for even higher levels of efficiency.

In recent years, studies have determined that older Australian homes can lose up to 40% of their heat through windows. Conversely these windows are responsible for 40% additional heat gain during the warmer months when everyone is trying to cool down, Fortunately, John has ensured that all of Carlisles’ windows are constructed with modern techniques that protect against draughts. In addition, customers can opt for double-glazed windows, creating a “thermal break” that reduces heat conduction. Double-glazed aluminium and Australian-made A&L Windows are available to all homes within the Affinity Collection and T-Range selections.

Shopping online is clearly the norm these days, and John Doulgeridis has taken steps to modernise and streamline the digital services offered by Carlisle Homes. This has been a considerable aspect of his overall product development strategy, and customers now have the ability to plan and customise their homes from the comfort of their home computer. The Carlisle Homes website provides clients with the opportunity to browse through hundreds of design options, including different facades. They can also download brochures, check out different interior design tips, and much more.

In 2020, John announced the creation of a brand new virtual tool called the Carlisle Homes House and Land Package Generator. This innovative system helps customers find the best options for house and land packages through a straightforward and convenient survey. Clients answer a few questions before being matched with the best items that fit their unique needs. The Generator currently has a database of up to 3,000 fixed-price packages, giving customers plenty of options. This tool was designed to be completely mobile-friendly, and it makes the process of searching for a new dream home much easier.

John is fully aware that many Australians have shifted their priorities towards a more eco-friendly, sustainable mindset in recent years. As he continues to work diligently in the area of product development, John keeps these changes in mind to provide more modern and environmentally-friendly homes. One key example is the fact that Carlisle Homes now offers its clients the ability to upgrade their properties with solar panels. With state-of-the-art technology from InlineSOLAR, customers can mount solar panels on their roofline in a seamless, stylish manner. With this method, the panels are integrated directly into the roof itself, and the beautiful silhouette of the home is not disrupted.

To showcase Carlisle Homes’ commitment to green energy, John decided to implement InlineSOLAR panels into his display home in Woodlea Estate, Aintree. To further highlight the energy-saving capabilities of these panels, the company later revealed that they were saving money by using this technology in their display homes. By choosing to upgrade their homes with these solar panels, customers of Carlisle Homes now have the ability to cut down on energy costs and pursue a more sustainable lifestyle.

In addition, John Doulgeridis has been keeping an eye on notable changes within the housing market as he continues to adapt and improve Carlisle’s product development strategy. For example the demand for medium-density housing is clearly growing in Victoria and this prompted John to enter the townhouse market. The company began its first townhouse project in Clyde North and eight houses became available in early 2021. These four-bedroom townhomes feature all of the high-quality additions that Carlisle is known for such as designer kitchens, double garages, and expansive backyards. However, the price point is more affordable for the average buyer with a price tag starting at just $590,000.

John expressed enthusiasm and confidence after Carlisle Homes had ventured into the world of townhouse living for the first time, and he highlighted the fact that he was able to set new standards in this niche. Thanks to Carlisle Homes’ innovative use of space, architectural styling, and innovative technology, homeowners were able to experience all of the luxuries associated with a full-size home.

John Doulgeridis is constantly looking for ways to improve Carlisle Homes, but every decision he makes in regards to product development is based around his customers. The satisfaction of his clients is always the top priority, and this is something he keeps in mind whenever he helps Carlisle evolve and adapt to meet the needs of the average homebuyer in Victoria.