Facade Design

Thanks to John Doulgeridis’ personal passion for facade design, Carlisle Homes has developed an excellent reputation when it comes to this key aspect of residential home design. John made sure to prioritise facade design because he understands the importance of this feature. It’s the first thing a homeowner sees when they come home from work. A facade speaks volumes about the owner’s personality, it helps the home stand out from the rest of the block and it ensures that prospective buyers will always be impressed.

From the very beginning, John made sure to emphasise the importance of excellent materials when it comes to facade design. These are the key ingredients of an excellent facade, and even a beautiful design would be meaningless without reliable, high-quality materials.

John also recognises the importance of cost when providing customers with facade design choices. Each home offered by Carlisle Homes comes with several different facade design options, and customers won’t have to pay any additional fees when they choose between these options. This ensures that each customer can have fun personalising their home without having to worry about extra costs. There are also plenty of opportunities to personalise and upgrade facades to an even greater extent, should customers wish.

The starting point for any facade is the construction of the walls and roof. Carlisle Homes gives clients the opportunity to choose between a wide range of options, including brick, hebel and decorative tile. Customers can also choose walls that are accented with timber. Raised porches, designer double doors, and many other customisation options are possible. There are also choices of brick or metal roofs, and John makes sure to help customers choose options that complement and contrast each other in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

If clients choose double-storey homes, there’s an even wider range of options to choose from. Balconies are a popular choice with these homes and customers can choose glass balustrading for a breathtaking effect.

Style isn’t the only important factor when building an excellent facade. John Doulgeridis works with experts like Austral Bricks, PGH Bricks, and Monier Roofing to create facades that exceed customers’ expectations for both style and functionality.

A great example is the Hebel system, a popular choice for many customers. This rendered masonry product was designed and developed in Australia by CSR, and it uses reinforced steel panels combined with aerated concrete. This advanced system ensures durability, strength, and excellent insulation qualities. This results in less spending on cooling and heating each year, which makes this a strong investment in the long term.

In addition, the Hebel system reduces the transmission of sound ensuring the home is always private and peaceful. Other benefits of the Hebel system include termite resistance, non-combustible properties and a quicker overall build time. It’s no wonder why John was so eager to provide his customers with the Hebel system when planning out his facades.

With so many options, some customers can feel overwhelmed when customising their facade. This is precisely why John places such an emphasis on overall harmony and cohesiveness when helping clients build their dream homes. Instead of just a collection of different features, Carlisle Homes makes each facade come together as a single finished product with each individual element working together to create an incredible impact.

John works extra hard to ensure overall cohesiveness for his customers by providing them with a number of helpful resources. First of all, customers can be inspired by our preselected external color schemes, which have been carefully created… etc. etc.

Finally, John has created another online tool called the Inspire Gallery. This allows customers to view photos of all kinds of facades in order to get them inspired. It’s a great choice if clients have hit a creative block, and they’re not quite sure what they want to achieve with their home. Of course, customers can also scroll through almost 140 different facade options on Carlisle Homes’ website. Everything is listed here, including contemporary, modern and classic options.

John Doulgeridis continues to exhibit a strong passion for facade design and this passion is continually fueled by his customers’ imaginative and stylish choices when selecting this integral part of their new dream homes.