John Doulgeridis has been obsessed with architecture since his days as a student of Design and Planning at the University of Melbourne, and this passion hasn’t waned since. During his decades in Victoria’s building industry John has had the chance to explore a wide range of architectural styles and he has watched various trends emerge in Victoria’s building market.

In many ways, John finds that he shares a lot in common with his customers in terms of his architectural sense of style. Just like many of his customers, he has a special place in his heart for the Astoria Grand. This has emerged as one of Carlisle Homes’ most popular floor plans, and it is part of the company’s much-loved Affinity Collection. The Astoria Grand features two storeys, 4 bedrooms, an expansive master retreat, an open-plan kitchen, and four spacious living areas. Customers can see display homes that follow this floorplan in locations across Victoria. Once people see these display homes, it immediately becomes clear why it’s such a favourite for John and many of his customers.

The Affinity Collection contains a number of additional floorplans, and these all share many of the same features and styles. All of these floorplans are designed to emphasise luxury, and they are meticulously designed to prioritise open-plan living with tons of natural light. Those who wish to showcase the finest architectural detailing often veer towards the Affinity Collection.

The T-Range contains floor plans that focus on characterful living areas bursting with life and energy. These floorplans are excellent choices for families, as there are clearly defined play and sleep zones for the kids. Of course, there are also peaceful private spots for any parents who need a much-deserved break. While the T-Range is intended to be budget-friendly, customers also experience plenty of luxury inclusions with these floorplans.

Carlisle Homes’ third range is EasyLiving. These floorplans provide the easiest route towards affordable homeownership, and are a solid choice for all those first-time home builders out there. Customers who choose EasyLiving get a great deal, but they also experience tons of amazing inclusions – and John Doulgeridis still remains focused on an excellent quality finished product when building these homes.

John Doulgeridis’ passion for architecture has made all of these high-quality options possible for Carlisle Homes’ customers. Thanks to this unique approach, clients can personalise their homes while also receiving advice and guidance from Carlisle’s experts ensuring that the finished product is absolutely spectacular.