About John Doulgeridis

By 2004, John had started his very own building company – these were the early days of Carlisle Homes. From the beginning, this was never intended to be the biggest building company in Victoria, but rather the best. After spending years in the industry, John had come to the conclusion that the most important thing was to create incredible, innovative homes with designs that his customers fell in love with, while offering a high standard of customer service throughout the build process. With this focus on quality over quantity, Carlisle Homes soon became a major player within Victoria’s building world.

With this customer-first approach, John found himself working closely with his customers, helping to make their dream homes come to life. He developed a strong passion for creating new, imaginative floorplans based specifically on feedback he received from his clients. To this day, John  still personally oversees the development of new home designs and facades in an effort to maintain the high level of quality Carlisle Homes is now famous for.

With such an emphasis on allowing customers to customise their dream homes, each day is always interesting at Carlisle Homes. John Doulgeridis has the opportunity to create homes that are unique works of art, based specifically around the preferences of the customer. Thanks to this approach, John continues to build on his own knowledge of design, and his homes are constantly evolving based on emerging trends around Victoria.

Outside of his work, John maintains an active connection to the community. With the Community Sport Sponsorship Program, John and Carlisle Homes make sure that junior and youth sports teams around Victoria have the funding they need for uniforms and equipment. A proud sports fanatic himself, John understands the value of sports and teamwork in a child’s early life, and he is happy to help more children engage in this rewarding activity.

John is also helping the next generation of builders reach for greater career opportunities. Carlisle Homes is a proud participant of Australia’s HIA Builder Program, which means that apprentices can rack up the experience they need and move towards a successful career as a trades person. Carlisle Homes has worked with hundreds of apprentices over the years, many of whom have landed permanent jobs at the company.